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im 16 and not sure if i'm pregnancy ive taken 2 pregnancy test and both are positive and i don't know wat to do ive not had my period for the larsted month and 3 week late this month and ive been having Tender, swollen breasts, Morning sickness that keep being sick at night after i eat and get . Food cravings and relly bad cramping so wat should i do ?


Hi Babygirl,

If you've had 2 positive tests and your period is 3 weeks late, along with the other symptoms, go see your doctor. They'll most likely run another pregnancy test.

You need to see your doctor, now. If you can't tell your parents at least talk to your school nurse or a counselor. If you are pregnant, and there is a good chance from your description, proper prenatal care is very important.

Let us know how you're doing or if you have more questions.