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     So, at the beginning of this summer i started getting cracks in the sides of my mouth, I just put some chapstick on and shrugged it off(I use to get these when I was younger from rubbing my blanky on my mouth), but after a week of it not going away the bottom of my lips started getting little red spots under them, about the size of a penny. Naturally I started searched the web for answers and I came across something called angular cheilitis and home remedies.

     So awhile back I started to put rubbing alcohol on them and then neosporin afterword before I went to bed everynight, I also take B complex, Iron, Vitamin C & A, and Omega, and these chewys to boost your immune system. Then I stopped putting neosporin on after the alcohol and switched to putting aloe vera(all natural) on it let it dry and then put honey on right before I went to sleep. I stopped honey and did aloe vera and alcohol only for a bit, and then stopped those to things completely and switched to Jock Cream(Gross I know) because it's an anti-fungal. I put it on once in the morning and once before bed. It seemed to work wonders the first night, but now (second day) I have cracks all in the red spots under my lips? The cracks arent just in corners of my lips now they are down in the red spots. They sometimes itch when they are really dry? And my guinea pigs fur inflames them. When I wake up they arent red? they look normal but when you touch them they feel the same(cracked, dry, scaly almost?) They become for irritated and red through out the day. The humidity does bother them?

     I barely talk anymore because it hurts to speak, and I'm 15 starting school in just a week ): I really do NOT want to start school looking like this, it pulls my self esteem so far down that I stopped hanging with friends and I don't want to leave the house. Just the thought of starting school with them scares me :/ 

     I'm am unaware of what they are I only assume it's AC? I absolutely want to go to the doctors.. but my mother refuses to go. She keeps saying they'll go away and things like they don't look bad. But it's affected me so much both mentally and physically. I know there are worse things to think about, but it's my first day of tenth grade in just seven days..

     This is what they look like, and yes these are pictures of my own mouth not just a reference picture:
 (Sorry bout them being upside down, I only had my phone for pictures. Also you can't see the cracks in these for some reason?)

I apologize for this being a long post :/


hello, well i cant be sure whats causing your lips to dry that way. However i think you are on a good track with Aloe Vera products. Im not here to sell but i just want to tell you that products from this plant are really helpful. In my house i have like 10 different products and among them is the chap stick called Aloe Vera Lips. Anytime some one in the house has sores on his hips or dry lips we use this and it really goes away quickly. I would suggest you try to find it to, it has one flavor called Jojoba. I think this will help you big time. I understand your mother thinking that it will go away but you need to be more persuasive. Tell her everyday that you want to see a doctor, be annoying and eventually she will give in. Hope this helps