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Ok so i basically i think that i have something wrong with me but nobody else does.. i started out about a month ago having a slight pain on my left side of my chest when i would lay down in bed at night. i didnt think too much of it and just ignored it, about 2 weeks passed and then i went on a trip with my parents, right when we landed i started having the chest pain again but this time it was worse, on the car ride home i felt short of breath and started to freak out so my parents took me to the ER, they did a chest X-ray and took blood tests and did an EKG but they said nothing was wrong but i could possibly have acid reflux and that might be causing the chest pain. Then a few days later i went into my regular doctor just for a check up after the ER, i was still having the symptoms so he did another EKG and some more blood work and said everything looked normal so he just gave me a stronger acid reflux medicine. A couple days went by and the acid reflux medicine wasn't helping. Along with chest pain i was starting to get new symptoms like loss of appetite so i went back to the doctor. He basically just told me that he thought i had anxiety and put me on a light dose of an anxiety medicine. Days went on and my symptoms just got worse and added on. I was having random pains all over my body and random numbness all over my body, one night my whole back went numb, my vision has become worse and i have had severe dizziness, symptoms that feel like sinus issues, headaches, muscle fatigue, along with the chest pains. I went to the ER again one day because i felt so bad and they found that i had a really low phosphate level and that i was constipated. I went to my regular doctor a few days after my ER again and he didnt do any tests and basically thought i was crazy and told me i had anxiety again and told me to keep taking the anxiety medicine.

Do you think that this is really anxiety or could it be fibromyalgia or MS?
Please give me your opinion! Thanks


It could be anxiety. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and these are similar symptims to mine. They are also testing for MS. You should go see a neurologist and a rheumatologist. (sp) Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by eliminating things like arthritis and what nots. I hope this helps?