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Hi guys,

I was wondering can you tell me something about Dr Fuhrman „Eat to live“ diet? My husband's sister didn't have any good experience with it. Actually, she lost only a few pounds, and that, obviously, is not enough.

She told me that she ignores some most important things about health. Truly, I don't believe that is true, and that is why I'm asking this question.

So, should I start with this diet or not? I am willing to start, but I am not so sure right now.

I want any healthy diet, any healthy eating plan for me.

Do you have any experience with Dr Fuhrman?

Thank you!


Hi darling,

Dr Fuhrman is a well-known doctor, who provides diet and nutrition advice. His advice can help you lose weight, and of course, to improve your health.

His book „Eat to live“ is a bestseller. In his book, he focuses on the food that are associated with scientific studies. Hundreds of his patients are totally healthy right now (diabetes, heart troubles, cold) . You just need to follow his style of eating.  I really don't know what could possibly go wrong with her eating plan? Maybe she didn't follow it right? That is the only reasonable explanation to me, but maybe I am wrong.

I think you should try with this way of living.

Good luck!



Hello guys,

let me join this conversation.

I also don’t know what possibly could happen, because If you stick to the main rules, you need to see some improvement.

It is the same with every diet – you need to stick to the main rules – eat healthy, eat every day and don’t sip your meals.

It is the same thing with “Eat to live” diet by dr Fuhrman. You need to buy or get a copy of his book, to learn exactly what you need to do if you want to lose your weight.

Trust me, you will see the results soon.

Good luck!