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Is Joel Fuhrman „Eat to live“ diet really worth to try? Anyone had experience with Eat to live diet plan? I have to be honest – I tried it and nothing. It was quite restrictive and I could not continue with it. I quit after two weeks. I think that this diet was some sort of shock to my body. I don't know why. Maybe I was doing something wrong? What do you think?

I just can't cut coffee every morning as well. So this diet is an epic fail for me! It was really a big challenge.

Do you have the same problem? Let me know.

Thank you!


Hello there,

I don't know what could go wrong for you! This is a great diet and it is really healthy. I just love this book. It is the reason why I became vegetarian. I had no problem eating vegetables and fruits. I follow this diet at the moment and I am really happy. This is my healthy choice! Do you have one? I just love his recipes, his healthy lifestyle. He is an expert!

Eat to live diet is highly effective. So if you can follow it, it will change your life, you will see. Find a lot of recipes online and try this diet.

Good luck!



Howday girls,

this diet is actually really great. It recommends a  sort of vegan diet without processed foods. The main goal is to maximize the nutrient.

You need to eat a raw food per day. Maybe seems awful to you, but actually taste really good. Eat a lot of fruits and eat only when you are hungry. You can drink milk, but just soy milk. One more thing – you should avoid snacks between the meals.

This diet is really easy to follow and healthy. No more counting calories!

Anyone here agree with me?

Please, share your stories with us.

Thank you and good luck!