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Hi guys,

I have to find some healthy dressing recipes by Dr Fuhrman. My question is : where? Can I order his book on the internet?

I love to eat easy meals, but smoothies and salads are my favorite. So, the best recipes that you can offer to me are smoothies and salad recipes.

What about dried fruits? Can I eat dried fruits as a healthy snack after meals?

So, feel free to share your recipes here, with me. If you have any advice how to prepare certain foods, let me know.

What ingredients are the best for eating?

Let me know. Thank you!


Hello everyone,

dried fruit has over 70% fructose, and it's not that healthy if you want to lose weight. It is a much healthier snack than candy or ice cream, but try to avoid it, because Dr Fuhrman's dressings are made only with the highest quality, fresh, healthy and natural ingredients.  

Here is one quick and healthy recipe for breakfast.

You need two cups of blueberries, one cup of rolled oats, one cup of juice, walnuts, sunflower seeds and one banana.

In a bowl, combine all this ingredient. Heat in for 2-4 minutes. This is great a breakfast to go.

Enjoy your meal!