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Hello there,

My mother recently started to follow extreme fat smash diet by dr Ian Smith. It is a little bit funny for me, because she is older lady and I believe that something extreme can be that good for her. Maybe, I am wrong. Who knows? But, I was wondering is anyone here on the extreme fat smash diet program?

What can you tell me about this? Is it safe for lady in her age to follow it?

I really hope that it can’t be that extreme :/. She is 76 years old and I want to know more, so I can help her.

Thank you! 



Never come to terms when it comes about our mothers, right? :D They are always so hard head, they are the smart one, right?

Well, she is a little bit old for this diet program, right, and you know that as well.

I am not on this diet program, but my colleague from work is. She was complaining yesterday how hard it is, especially at the beginning, because it is really extreme. You need to be really healthy to follow it, according to her doctor.

So, try to talk to your mother and explain to her this. Maybe she will quit :)

Good luck!  



Hey my darling,

I started to follow this diet program 15 days ago, I think. I don’t like it. It is true like they say, it is hard to follow and stick to it. I know that first days in the every diet program is really hard, but I didn’t like it. It is pretty much extreme, and I believe that I am older than you – not than your mother. But, I believe that you really should tell her to try to find some other, a little bit less complicated and extreme diet program.

That is my opinion because I have some, not that shining experience with this diet program :) 




Thank you for your advice. You just told me exactly what I needed to hear. I had a really hard conversation with her a few minutes ago, but she is sooooo hard head lady. I can’t explain to her that I do have more experience than her in every case when it comes about diet programs.

We had fight, so I just went out from her flat. I am just worried because she is older, like I told you, and I am scared that this can affect her health.

Thank you for helping me about this issue, you comments are helpful. Regards