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Hello people,

I must say that I was reading a lot about dr  Fuhrman and his diet lately. As far as I got this, he is really popular, especially younger girls love to follow this diet program, as far as I know.

I am really interested in it, but there are some things that I can’t understand so good. Maybe here someone can explain to me. For example, what are 3 foods that dr Fuhrman recommends for eating every day? Do you guys know anything about it?

Please, inform me, and answer me on this question, because I really want to know.

Thank you very much! 



Yes, there is a rule what 3 foods to eat daily. Here are : berries, cruciferous vegetables and beans.

So, as we all know, berries are the most nutrient dense of all fruits on the market. They have some antioxidant things, they are an amazing food. Also, they have a lot of anti – inflammatory and anti - cancer effects. Cruciferous vegetables contain anti – cancer compounds as well. They are great de toxicant as well. At least, beans are the most nutrition – dense starch source. So, basically they all are known as foods that can prevent cancer.  

I hope you find my answer helpful! 



Hey there,

Yes, that is correct. Those three foods are really the best things that you can eat while you are on the diet program :)

All those groceries really can help you prevent cancer, so we all should eat them each day, no matter are we following this dr Fuhrman diet or not.

I must say that I haven’t tried this diet, actually I don’t know anyone who was following this diet program.

I have read that this one is OK, but I am not so interested to try it.

Maybe one day, but I am not so sure.

Enjoy your day!