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I am probably in the most embarrassing situation ever! Last night I woke up with an immense itching sensation in my anus. Assuming it was pinworms, I applied a drop of PURE TEA TREE OIL to my anus using a cotton ball. It felt fine then so I went back to sleep. But after waking up a few hours ago, my anus skin is irritated and really kind of sensitive. The burning sensation went away to an extent after I used soap and water to wash the area. Do I have anything to worry about?

UPDATE: I discovered that it HURTS when I try to poop. I have used some ice cubes to numb the pain but I'm unsure about what to do and what to think. This is scary. :/


You hurt the membranes which are very sensitive. I did the same thing with apple cider vinegar. I put ointment on my butt and it helped. It should clear up fairly quickly. How are you feeling now?