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Hi everyone. A friend of mine lost 40 pounds in three months. Since we don’t see each other very often I was so surprised by his new weight, I couldn’t believe it was him. Even his face is now totally different. He was very chubby and now he has these funny cheekbones. :D

I asked him to tell me everything about the way he lost all that weight since I am a bit ove rweighed myself.

He said it wasn‘t hard for him at all. o.O He followed Cheater’s diet for 4 months and he told me he lost 40 pounds by the end of the third month. And that he ate whatever he wanted.

Is this diet the best or he is just messing with me?


I’ve been meaning to ask the same thing! I was introduced to this diet by a friend who is planning to try it. She has about 140 pounds now and it is a lot since she his not so tall. Her biggest problem are her legs and hips. She actually doesn’t look fat at all from the waist up.

She told me about this diet and asked me if I wanna follow it with her. But there is something wrong there. If I can cheat whenever I want how is that gonna make me lose weight?

There must be some rule for the cheating right?



Of course there is a rule silly people.

You cannot cheat all the time and you cannot eat whatever you want. Surprisingly this is not the first time I hear someone thinks this way about this diet. I don’t know where people get these ideas. If you can cheat whenever you want, can that even be called a diet?

You can cheat (eat practically whatever you want) from Saturday morning to Sunday night. And even then, you are limited with the number of calories. And the rest of week, you need to follow a strict diet plan.

But it is still pretty great if you ask me. You practically live for the weekend.;)