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I am nearly 14 and i am very very thin. 45 Kg  that also bcz of my bones. my face is V shaped. Ribs are countable. I don't want get over fat but just avg... I am Veg but still eat a lot of butter, ghee etc.. But to no avail. It may be genetic disorder coz my dad also was very thin at my age or high metabolism... I started exercising a few days ago.. chin ups push ups and crunches... hot can i put on enough weight or muscles without going to gym or taking sedatives?



Even though you want to gain weight, it is good that you stay with the good nutrition plan. If you keep doing exercises whilst eating food that will help you gain weight, you will fill out nicely without gaining undesirable weight or in other words fat.

Try eating 6 times a day, and with at least 3 of those meals, include  protein, starch, and vegetables. Basically what you need is more calories. I found a great article that will explain it a lot better than I can. :)

I hope it serves of some help.

God Bless.