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ive done e before and the first time and i loved itt, it was so dope.. i never wanted the feeling to go away. i wanted pill after pill but i didnt have moneyy so i just sat in my room iin my underwear and my bra with a bottle of orange-juice and a bottle of lotion, rubbing it all over and sippin the orange juice, that was my fiirst tiime and my last tiime for about thee months, then my brother came around talking about it and told me that he was gonna start selling E to have some extra money in his pocket because kids at his school did it all the time. so a week later my brother got like over 200 pills and asked me if i would do it with him and one of our friends and i said hell yess lets do thiis and we did. but i had a boyfriend that knew i tried it before and knew i went thru my little stage of popping pills and he made me promise that i would stop and if i didnt he was bound to brake up with me. well the nite i did it with my brother and his friend. i called my boyfriend andd he said i was acting strange and like all thiis drama started riite there i lied to him and told him i was kinda drunk but still i think he had a small hint. so days went on and on. and things got alittle better between us. but still something was a little sketchy. i started doing it alot kinda like every other niite for a week straight [ yeah doesnt seem big but it is.] thee come-downs were lame i was so mean to my boyfriend liike i would pick fights with him over nothiing. and finalley he got the hint that i started rolling again and all this other drama and we broke up. he told me harsh stuff that he hopes i get sick and that he cant stand me anymore and that i digust him and he cant believe he was with me in thee fiirst place. so i was prettey much miserable for a few days then my brother tried making me happi and gave me 4 pills and i dropped buht it was the worst roll ever i cried for 2 hours straight i just wanted my boyfriend back. i sat ther forever calling him crying buht he just wouldnt answer it was the worst. so finalley after i gave up on bother with him he came back to me a couple days later. and told me tat he missed me and all this other good stuff. that i loved to here from him. buht yet thiings were still sketchy he told me that he had somethinig to tllm e and it was thee worst i broke down in so mayn tears not knowing what to do, he told me that he did E with a group of his friends and he doesnt regret it he liiked it and he was to continue.. yeauh hYPROCRYTE riite yess inddeddd.. but i told him okay im done doing it let me prove to youu that i can do good and we can both stiop thiis games of druggs, and he said okay we'll take it slow. but still he hasnt stopped hes addictted on the down low. its horriblehe has thee worst mood swiings. its one day he wants me and one day he doesnt. i dont know. point being. dont let E take over yourself thats exactley what i did. dont do it period if you smoke herb just stick to that. E messes up everything for you. yeauh the high is bomb but its not worth everting you lose. trust. friendships. relationshipps. getting sick. weight lost. throwing up constantley. and all thiis other negative impact.
please just dont let it get to you thats thee best i could giive youu.
now i have nothiing no boyfriend or trust. :!:


My daughter is addicted. Very addicted. She started out with pot. Over a few years she tried every drug under the sun, including E.
She also used perscription drugs which were stolen for her from a Pharmacist. She had it all at one time. Looks, money, a really nice home in Florida, a beautiful son, which she had taken from her, legally.

Today, she sits in jail, again, for the third time.
Today, my girl is a junkie. She uses heroin. Her arms look awful, so awful that she wears long sleeves in 90 degree heat.
Her beautiful face has gone from a clean complexion, to a worn out tired face full of sores and pimples. Her white teeth are yellow and some are now loose. Her long blond hair is dry and dull which she wears in a big bun, which she never would. Her naturally small frame is now boney and pale.

Stay away from drugs, please. I know you have heard the drill prolly a milion times, and u don't know me. I just wish to make a difference in someones life. My own child will not listen, she is to far gone.
I have nightmares. I see her in a coffin. Oddly, she is dressed in her christening outfit from 26 years ago. It is very strange. I think i am wishing that she was still a baby, thats where the christening dress comes in.
You can always get a boyfriend, but your mom and dad can never get another you.