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About 8 months ago I had surgery to remove a fibroid that has been causing me pain for almost a year. Finally, after every imaginable medication could be prescribed, I finally went for surgical removal. My surgeon also decided that it would be best to also do a reduction. The surgery did have some complications and required additional surgery while I was in recovery. During PMS for my past 3 cycles I've noticed that the area where the fibroid was removed seems to have another growth. All of the symptoms that came with having the fibroid have returned and are just as severe. Can a fibroid return after being surgical removal? And are there any questions I should ask my surgeon?


scar tissue forms, and causes a mass where the surgery was.  it can create equal tenderness and a hard mass. 
you may consider massaging it to break up the scar tissue, but there is not much else to do.  I have the same issue for 20 years.  You'll become used to it.  the good thing is with the reduction, there is less breast mass and you are unlikely to develop more fibroids, which, over time, are more detrimental than the scar tissue.

good luck.