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I just had abortion 2 days ago on the 12 weeks pregnancy, and yesterday night suddenly I feel pain like cramp on my both breasts, they become harder and a bit bigger than usual also. Then several hours later there's a liquid like milk that come out from both and it's still coming out until today along with the pain and cramp.

I have read that a woman may experience this on the like 20 weeks pregnancy or so, but the things is i'm not pregnant anymore, i just did abortion, and i was still on 12 weeks. then how come i still can have those symptoms? I think it's still too fast for me to start producing that either even though i'm still pregnant..

Is it maybe a side effect of abortion? is it some kind of infection? I really hope it's just a thing that will go away once my hormonal system go back to normal.. anyone can help me?


we have the same experience