I have this pea-sized bump above my belly button that formed after I pulled a muscle while laughing really hard at something my friend said. I'm pretty sure it was a pulled muscle, or maybe I pinched a nerve there (if that's possible?) I had to stay leaned over forward while sitting in indian style in order to keep the "pulled muscle from hurting"; if I straightened my back out, it felt like a knot was being tugged on by both its ends. It was unbearable, until I just forced myself to stay up straight long enough for it to go away. But ever since I got rid of the pain, I have since been left with this strange pea-sized bump just centimeters above my belly button. It used to hurt when I pushed on it when this all happened a couple nights ago, but now when I press it, I don't feel any pain, but it feels like tiny little bubbles are moving out of the way, and then the bump temporarily goes away. Every time I go a long period of time without pressing the bump, it comes back, visibly. So weird. Wondering if I should be concerned.