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Hi there,

Just a few days ago I saw the doctor about some build lower abdominal muscles but while I was there he also examined me and said my package was fine. He told me you should always be checking up on yourself in the shower. So today I checked myself out and noticed a little lump probably a little smaller then a pea size.. it doesn't seem too too hard and its not on the side. Its pretty close to the top of my right testical. Don't seem to have any other side effects that I've encountered but with all the talk from my doctor its gotten me worried. Now I know that there's alot of other stuff in with the testical but this little lump is right on the inside of the testical but its a little off from the top and dont have it on the other side. I think I might go back this week.. maybe he missed this? But it'd clear my mind up. Any thoughts?


It is probably just an anatomical lump that may and may not be felt or it could be a small spermatocele on epididymitis. Spermatoceles are small cysts filled with fluid and dead sperm cells and usually don’t cause any discomfort and are harmless.

Have it checked though!