Hi, I am a new gay only out Feb 2013, I had my first ever sexual ecperience with a male complete protected where I was the one to penetrate him. That was a once off. In April of this year I got into a 4month relationship, which ended on good terms as he emigrated. As we got in a relationship, he told me he had his tests does 2weeks previous and everything was clear. Halfway through the relationship he was diagnosed with a UTI and on a weeks course of antibiotics. I went to my first ever screening and was told I have anal Chlymidia, I told him and he said there is no way it could have been him, even tho he was the only one to ever penetrate me and me have unprotected sex with him. He has now been tested and awaiting results. He said the nurse examining him said the Bacteria may have been dormant and thet is why it may not have shown on his last screen. I am wondering if that is true or is it pretty much 100% him playing the field when we were with one another