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My most recent girlfriend and sexual partner is sensitive to latex and condoms so a good portion of our intercourse involves me going in without any sexual protection, no pills or condoms. I realize it's stupid, but I've always been able to last for a while and have pretty good control over the timing of my ejaculation. I understand that there is ALWAYS a chance of getting pregnant and it's risky, but I'm more curious about precum and possibly not feeling my ejaculation and what not. So my three questions are basically, can precum get her pregnant very easily, will I know if I'm precuming and is there a good chance I'll ejaculate without realizing it? Educated answers only please! Thanks



Hi Boo,

1.  Precum can get her pregnant just as easily as ejaculating.  It only takes one sperm after all.  Precum is considered not to contain sperm if you haven't ejaculated recently and urinating is considered to "flush" out any sperm.  Note: sperm can also be introduced into the vagina just by insertion, if you recently ejaculated.

2.  No, you may not know if you're precumming while having sex.  It's a natural lubricant, you may not "feel" it.

3.  You can ejaculate without an orgasm. 

There are other, non-latex, condoms available for you to use.  Even "natural" condoms can help although they don't protect against STD's as effectively as the others.

Otherwise, an IUD or birth control pills would be her option.

Hope it helps.