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I'm 15 years old at the moment (I turn 16 in June).

From birth to about 7 or 8 or 9 years old, I was a skinny kid. I was already running around and playing some sort of sport. I ate healthy and had a lot of endurance and strength.

After I moved from my old location when I was 8 years old, I wasn't nearly as active as I was in my old city. I ate chips and enjoyed the relaxation while watching TV. I started gaining weight and then I noticed it about 11 years old. I stopped eating breakfast and thought that would keep the weight down. All that did however was made my stomach hurt until lunchtime in school.

So, now that I'm in high school and people are showing off what they have, I'd like to get much skinner and get more muscle mass. I keep making these absurd plans on loosing weight, but I never stick with it.

I was hoping someone could help me develope a plan or at least help me know what I have to do.

My goals are to:
* Loose a lot of pounds so that by next school year I'll be comfortable enough to take my shirt off during practice.
* Gain muscle mass so that girls notice me better.
* Eat healthier and become healthier in general.

What foods should I be eating throughout the day? What should I be doing in order to be loosing the most amount of weight possible?

Hoping someone can help (thanks for my post),
- Jake ;-)


hi there i am a persional trainer and i have just read your message and have some advice for you.make sure you eat breakfeast best thing for breakfeast porrige but make sure is low in saturated fat and sugar{these ingredeients put on weight. maybe eat a piece of fruit with it also. if you dont eat breakfeast you may feel light headed and feel faint. if you cant stand porrige maybe try fruit salad{but i would advice you to have this in the day.just make sure you eat health during the day, of course you can trwat yourself to crisp and choclate bar every know and then.for exercise i would advice you to go on light jogs but remember to build up slolwly maybe start out with a ten minute jog and add a minute once a week.i would advice you not to do any weight until you are 16.if you need anymore help just post it on this page and i will get back to you.


Okay, I think there is a way out, you know the saying- when there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s good that you have set yourself goals you want to achieve and like that, things are much easier as you know what you want. Firstly, you have to change your daily routine and start living much healthier. For example, you should work out the diet and also exercises that you will stick with. As the matter of diet, you try to eat as healthy food as you can, try to avoid fat food and sweets, low fat food and many vegetables, also and fruits between the meals would do a good job. If you like carbonate beverages, try not to drink them but you start drinking natural juices instead. You should have your meals on time, and remember that the breakfast is the most important meal during the day, you should never scip it and torture yourself with hunger until lunchtime, this is definitely not healthy. So, you make a schedule of your daily meals and exercises, and you be persistent as the results will certainly be visible after some time. If you can afford, it would be great if you could go to aerobic or some other exercises so that the coach could be in charge, but if not, working out at home would be fine as well. I wish you all the best and not to give up!!


Thanks you two. 8)