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Ok well me and my girlfriend were just messing around. I was fingering her and all. And we were just messing aorund. We moved around a little and my penis may have touched her somewhere around her vagina. I had not ejaculated any in the past few days. She thought that maybe there was some pre cum on the tip of it. It never went in and i dont even think it touched her vagina just close to it. Is there any chance she could be Pregnant at all? It never went in and barely even touched if it even did. Please help!!!


"Pre-cum" does not have much sperm in it. You did not even penetrate.

Is there a chance? Yes.

Now that you have that information, it is up to you to decide what course of action to take.

You don't need me to tell you that there is information out there.

That is the best help I can give you.

Good luck.