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im married after a very long love story. and im 20 years old .. i had sex unprotected sex 16 days ago but i used the plan b pill 2 days after, and i was supposed to get my period 7 days ago but i didnt. im afraid im pregnant im studyin dental now, i dont have time to get pregnant i dont even think i can raise my child they way i want to its too early for me to have a baby... i love kids and i wanna have children but this is not the right time. i never had unprotected sex before me and my huspand are so carefull. im afraid that im pregnant. and i could never have an abortion its like killing a soul i would never do that i would regret it all my life..

please help me what should i do??? :'(


First thing, take a breath! Even if you are pregnant, you have about 270 days to handle the just breath and be calm.

Plan B does not terminate a pregnancy, so if you happened to get pregnant during that unprotected sex, Plan B won't end the pregnancy. So that's why it, "didn't work" (IF you are pregnant).

Secondly, I commend you and am in fact proud of you (I know that we don't know each other) for saying that you wouldn't have an abortion. It's nopt the babiesfaultit was concieved. People who get abortions are irresponsible and just looking for an easy way out. Abortion is murder, really. I know that sounds harsh, but it is. As you put it, that's a human soul. People who get abortions should not be having sex. If they can't handle the consequences they shouldn't be doing the action! But that's what our world has come too... In 2008 there were 1,200,000 abortions in the United States alone. That's 3,288 babies killed EACH DAY. More people have died in our world from abortion than ALL other causes of death COMBINED since 1973 (including war, famine, deisease, caraccidents,crime, etc). THAT IS SAD. Sorry, I am just very passionate about this topic...

First thing you need to do is prepare yourself EMOTIONALLY and Psychologically because you could possibly be carrying a living human being right this minute. But, as I said, you have about 270 days before he or she would be born, so turn off panic mode. Be calm. This is not something that is happening tomorrow. There is time.

Secondly, I don't know you, but all I can say is there is difference between the concept of being a parent and actually BEING a parent. Right now you might be paniced and upset and feel like your life is over because you may have a baby on the way, but that isn't true. There really is never a good time to have a baby. If people waited for their finances to be set, they would wait forever. Things happen - BUT things happen for a reason. I believe that you were meant to have this baby and it is your time to be a parent. Your lucky that you have your education, as you can offer this baby more opportunities. Being pregnant in a classroom is not that big of a deal. I have a 9 month old little girl, my first, and she is the best thing that even happened to me. I wasateacher, so I was in the classroom everyday all day for nine months. It is hard, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I really could not imagine my life without my daughter. She IS my life. Nothing else matters now. And, be grateful that your married, as you wont be alone through this process, and your little one will have more love and support as well.

There is, however, always the option to give the baby up for adoption. If you truly do not want this baby right now, then I would suggest adoption . You can get it all arranged ahead of time. Make sure you go through a LEGITIMATE agency. There are tons of scammers out there, and that is just stupid.

But you have to realize the consequences of giving away your baby. That is a huge decision, and you can't take it back - ever. I really don't see how someone could give away their baby, especially if they want to be a parent someday. You either want to be a parent, or you don't. There's no "someday" if your pregnant now. The time is now. You made the choice to have unprotected sex, so you made the choice to risk pregnancy. I am not trying to nag you, pleasedon't misunderstand me. I am simply saying that there is no taking it back. And if you do adopt out your baby and then the time comes where your ready, you will regret giving away your first child. That is your flesh and blood. A miniature likeness of you. I just couldn't fathome doing that. But again, I am very opinionated, and I am pushing my opinions on you again. I am sorry, it's not helping.

Ok... What's next??? You now need to plan on either going to the store to buy a pregnancy test, or make an appt to go see an OBGYN and they can do the test for you. You need to find out if your even pregnant before you can decide where to go from here... If your uninsured you can go to a Planned Parenthood, and they will help you out with the whole process.

You can'tplan life. Life just happens. What is meant to be will be. When I look into my daughter's eyes, I see my future, I see dreams, potential to change and become a better person. I see love, happiness and a new beginning.
Bestof luck to you and your husband. Ifyou are pregnant, I hope you make the right decision- the decision that feels right in your heart, mind and soul, and what's best for the baby. If that means putting him or her up for adoption, so be it. I just wanted to tell you that feeling my littlegirlmovearound inside my tummy was the most awesome experience ever. I miss that so much. You will make an unexplainable connection with that little tiny creature before you even meet. Pregnancy and parenthood is definitely an adventure. It isn't easy, as I mentioned before, but nothing worthwhile ever is.


thank you very much for your advice and time i did the test and it turned out im pregnant.. i really think your right it is my time to be pregnant if god wants that for me i dont wanna stop it.. babies are a gift.. and i would never give my child to some other people beacuse i dont know who are those people are. i love kids and i would never give my baby to someone else even if i have to suffer i would make him live the happiest life he could ever get... abortion is never a choice i dont know how people can live if they know they killed a soul a very innocent soul he is just a baby its not his fault. as you said if i know im gonna get an abortion one day i would never have sex. but this is what god choice from me and i feel like i love that baby more then anything and i havent seen him or felt him yet.
my huspand wants me to keep the baby he loves kids too.. he was very happy when he knew.

but my all concern was im not sure if i can raise him to be a good person, im not sure where to start. im scared of messing up. im scared of not having enough time for him.
my dream was to raise my kids in a very good and smart way so they could come out very special, im just not sure if i could do that. im still young and my experincess in life is so little.. i wish if i had someone to tell me how to raise him and handle all kind of situation im so scared and worry.

thank you so much for you time again and may god bless you and your daughter.. and best luck for both of you.