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Hi, im 16 years old and only found out about 4 months ago that you have to pull back your foreskin. I was never told as a child %-). My penis is in perfect working order. But about 4 months ago i started trying to pull my foreskin back, this felt impossible at first and i thought i had a bad case of phimosis, however after about a month i was able to pull it back to about 5 mm from over the whole head. But up to now i have found this part impossible as it really doesn't want to go over the ridge right at the bottom of the gland, it almost looks as if it is connected to the inner foreskin %-). I also think that I could have Frenulum breve as i think it may be this that is stopping my foreskin from retracting all the way. Oh and i also have smegma quite bad, i can clean most of it off, but i can't get to the parts under my foreskin right at the bottom of my head :-( .

Please help me ASAP as I have a girlfriend who is gagging for it.


If it's not causing you pain, then there's no need to pull it back.  It isn't necessary for the glans to be exposed.  The glans has barely any pleasure-giving nerve on it at l; instead it senses heat and pain.  The hub of sexual sensation is the foreskin.  The fine touch receptors in the foreskin's ridged band are adapted to stretch so they will ne stimulated during penetrative sex through the skin moving back and forth.

The medical community and society in general are very ignorant about the penis. Circumcision is still done to boys even though it's sexually crippling, worse than FGM in terms of sensory loss, because people aren't educated about how intensely pleasurable the foreskin is.