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i keep getting weird rashes around my wrists, knees, feet ,stomach and hands
at first it went away when i got anti-allergy medicine but its still continuing
sometimes it happens in the morning but lately its just been at night
i cant stop itching, i need help! :'(


Well first of all this might be aczema (which I suffer from this). I get the same thing... I get itchy all of over, my skin is wicked dry, I have a ton of lotions and things like that. Usually when this happens I take a cool shower, and have in mind that this can be allergies as well... maybe you changed your soap you shower with, or laundry detergent, cologne or perfum, or just simply the clothes you wear. It can be anything. Just take a cool shower like I said, and make sure you wear lotions that have vitamin E, or Aloe. Usually that helps me. Even Aveeno lotions are really well too.