Newborns are extremely delicate and sensitive to the types of hygiene products that we use on their fragile skin! Our store brand products are loaded full of highly toxic chemicals, its no wonder, our little ones break out in rashes and skin problems! I am trying my best to help educate people about the "truth" of whats in our everyday products and food, and looking for healthy alternatives and better choices for our own health as well as our loved ones. I truely believe the organic lifestyle is the healthiest way to go these days. You have to be careful when by an "organic" or "natural" product. Some of the ingredients my be organic or natural but the other ingredients, defiantly arent!! It is important to look for CERTIFIED ORGAN products instead. Certified organic products will be accompanied with an organic logo such as,
I do live an organic lifestyle. We eat certified organic food, use certified organic products, and take certified organic probiotics, as a healthy alternative to store brand vitamins (which are useless and a waste of moeny!) The part that I am most content with though, is using certified organic baby products on my two kids, especailly my 5 month old. Young babies, are extremely sensitive to chemicals, because their systems are so underdeveloped. Studies have been done that show using store brand products on babies, harms their underdeveloped reproductive system. That is very unfortunate!! If you would like to know some of the things that I have done to change my lifestyle, the products that I firmly believe in that are certified organic, and I strongly suggest using for your little baby or are interesting in other things, please let me know. I am not sure if my email is attached to this or not. If it is not attached, but you are interested, reply to this topic and I can get back to you. I would love to hear others opinions on this topic. I believe it is extremely critcal, that parents start making the switch to organics, even if the switch is only for the kids benefit, we need to consider their long term health as well!!
Thank you for you time!