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Can ciguatoxin be transferred by handling a triggerfish? I work for a small aquarium and a lobsterman brought in a triggerfish, which we handled to put it into our holding tanks. I ended up with what looked like a small scratch on my hand, which since has gone through stages of burning and tingling/numbness. It has not seemed to get any worse, but it is still prevalent 18 hours later. If this is what is happening, how can I treat it? I took some anti-inflammatory tablets and rubbed some benedryl cream on it. This has seemed to help but it has not gone away completely. Any suggestions or thoughts?


There is NO cure for ciguatera! I ate a fish with this neurotoxin and nearly died. There is no way to cook it out or freeze it out. Just keep washing and eventually it will go away. But never, ever eat a trigger fish. Each time you are exposed to ciguatera, it gets worse. No immunity, no cure--awful.