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Hi, I have a bunch of small red pimple-like bumps on my skin. I have 3 on my stomach, one under my right armpit, and about 5 or 6 on my back. I do have environmental allergies and I started off with only 3 on my back this morning but after a few hours in a swimsuit/in a boat on a lake, I came in to find a few more on my back. They don't itch or hurt, they are just there and making me nervous because of the quickness with which they're appealing. I'm leaving for England tomorrow and can't go to a doctor so please don't tell me to do that. I have health anxiety so I will go as soon as I get back in the country, but I just need some kind of idea of what this could be, or perhaps a cream to try on it. Anything helps! Thanks!


Hi, well you say you have allergies. It might be related to that, are you taking any medications for you allergy? If not, you should consider taking some Anti Histamines to reduce that rash. You should also take some effervescent tablets with Vitamin C and Calcium, that helps a lot. I dont know about any creams but it should not hurt to try. If this is allergy related than the best way to treat it is with those pills i mentioned. I have allergies and Anti Histamine pills help me. I drink one before sleep and in the morning i take Vitamin C + Ca and i have no problems with allergies throughout the day. Hope this helps. 


Okay, there can be many reasons for the dermatitis reaction you are having and it might prove difficult to peg it down to a single cause. Here's my experience and how I turned the problem around, almost completely gone.

I had a boil about a year ago, my first ever, that had to be lanced.  Then, this past summer I was doing a lot of distance swimming in the lakes of Vermont and also at a local swimming pool in a gym. Both are places to pick up the best guess.  A family members house I stayed in left me with blood marks every morning. I was convinced it was bed bugs. It wasn't. I had little pimples in all different places and I was pretty freaked out about it. 

The dermatologist did a few biopsies (painless) and said I had contact dermatitis. I was put on antibiotics and four days later went to the hospital for another boil, this time on my upper butt. I didn't wait this time and responded quickly. They doubled the dose from the dermatologist, I placed hot compresses on it, and it went away. 

But, I noticed the tiny pimple like bumps on my body getting worse and my tongues was white (antibiotics can cause thrush, a depletion of the good bacteria in your body. Antibiotics kill both good and bad.) The dermatologist had me stay on the higher dose of antibiotics for two more weeks. The thrush told me that my body was lacking good bacteria, necessary for the immune system to fight.

I started a regimen of greek yogurt, vitamin C 500mg 2x per day, zinc 50 mg 2 x per day (zinc can be toxic if the body gets too much so you have to taper it down as the body gets better), Turmeric capsules 500mg 2x per day and  Probiotic Acidophulus once oer day while on the antibiotics and then 2x per day afterwards to build up my system and until my tongue was reddish pink again. It is now.

The itching at night time was the worst part, almost unbearable, and that's when the breakouts seemed to always happen. YOU MUST NOT SCRATCH IT. NO MATTER WHAT. The pictures you see of open wounds are from people who scratched it, only making it worse. This can cause two things, scarring and spreading of the infection. Also, they will take much much longer to heal if you scratch them open. 

Here's how I am handling it.

I still get them but am building my immunity and they are becoming less and less every day. But, more importantly I can handle them and they are done the next morning. I mix two teaspoons of Castor Oil, a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and a capsule of Turmeric (don't use the spice kind...get the capsule in the health section). I'm not positive that the Tumeric is what does the trick...the other two are essential. Each time I have an itch, I make up the batch, dip my finger in it and dab the top of the pimple and then band aid it or tape it over (a small cotton or the eye make-up remover pads, can be cut up to fit.) When I got many of them in one area, I covered them all with the pads soaked in my mixture and taped them to my body, leaving it on over night. There was a slight itch but bearable and you can't really scratch it through the bandage which, also protects you over night.

The next morning the itch is gone and the pimple ran its course. You can put on a little Neosporin for healing but for the most part you have felt the last of that one. A tiny crust will form and it will vanish completely in  few days. For scarring, immediately use Neosporin and cover it for a day and then leave open when you can. I also applied my mixture. Keep using Neosporin for 3-4 days and the scar will go away. The longer you wait to respond, the better the chance it will stay. Some will stay anyways and you'll have the scar to remember the ordeal.

Another note, it can be a real pain getting up at night with an itch and covering 20 pimples. At one time I must have had 30-40 bandaids all over. Now, there are only a few breakouts an evening or during the night and I just do the same thing over and over again. The occurrences are lessening now with just a few the past couple of evenings. Benadryll can help with the itching and help you get some sleep.

Whatever dermatitis you have, it is an immune deficiency issue. Your body s fighting it but can't prevent it. So, you have to go the source and eat well and take the supplements. And, you have to shower daily. I recommend Dove soap...I used Dial and it dried out my skin real bad. It doesn't really matter if it's an anti-bacterial soap, according to Dr. Weil. And, I agree from experience. 

(VERY IMPORTANT..You need to reduce any stress in your life. Stress lowers the immune system and can be one of the reasons the body was prone to getting an infection in the first place. I have no doubt that the high stress in my life was not helping...and perhaps causing the problem to appear.  The body may have a deeper message for us, after all. Watch a comedy, listen to relaxing music while lying on your back, don't think and just connect with yourself,  meditate if that's your thing, get rid of people that drain you, don't watch the news. Think of yourself as being in intensive care. You need to take care of you now. This may bring some changes that never would hae happened otherwise.)

If you have many of them in a localized area, apply a dab of the mixture right on top of each one, cover them all with the bandaids, cotton or the little cotton pads (you can very creative and cut them to size.). If it is itching badly, cut a plastic bag to cover the area and place hot compresses over it. The hotter the better. It will take away the itch and ensure that your body soaks up the mixture. The next day they will be gone or a non-issue anymore. Hot compresses are very helpful to help the mixture sink in.

I have done all the research possible and this is what works for me. All of this is my opinion and my own experience and may not apply to you. All I can say is that I turned what was becoming a disaster on antibiotics into a workable situation that is showing a dramatic turn around.

Stick with it...if you don't see results than this approach is obviously not right for you. But, I learned from your posts and came up with my own approach. I am sharing in hopes that I might help someone else, like you guys helped me.

Warmly and with Wishes for Quick Recoveries! 

Smile, it's the first step :)

















quick update on my last post. I got rid of the thrush after antibiotics, Minocyclin, but the itchy pimples pop up in different places all over body. I treat them each with tea tree oil and they are gone the next day...and another round starts all over again. I'm at a loss for words. Can't figure it out nor know what to do.