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I was wondering if anyone else has had clawtoe and hammertoe surgery that has still had pain 2 months later.  My toes still swell too.  I have a mortons neuroma on both feet.  I cant wear a regular shoe yet hurts to much.  My doctor says I shouldnt be in this much pain or swelling but he does nothing to help correct the problem.  He will hardly give me vicodin for the pain.  I am considering seeing another doctor.  I just wanna know if anyone else had pain and swelling 2 months after surgery.



Hi DawBur - just wondering how you are doing now?  I had hammertoe surgery done 5 weeks ago - still lots of pain & swelling.  Did you do any therapy?  I am suppose to move my toes with my hand several times a day to try and get the nerves working again.  Just wondering what others did for therapy, if any.

THANKS - hope you are doing better!