I have been on about 20 to 30mg of methadone daily for about 6 months now. I have a past history of hydrocodone abuse and successfully got off of those with the aid of suboxone. However after my spouse lost his job and we lost our insurance I was abruptly taken off that and forced to withdrawal over 30 days on that alone. I was clean and sober for 2 months before starting the methadone when some bad things happened in my life. I am so mad at myself for getting back into being dependant upon a drug to function. I don't have any health insurance and have been buying the methadone off the street. This is no longer an option in my life. I have to quit cold turkey from about 20 mg daily. Anyone have any helpful ways to ease the withdrawals? I have the most trouble mentally. I get really sad and wanna cry alot. Also I sweat and have alot of trouble sleeping. Please all help is appreciated!!!!