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Couple of years ago I had my appendix and gallbladder removed, have had stomach issues before, none like this, for last 2months been having problems with nausea, but over last month am having severe bloating, nausea, burning pain in upper stomach, usually with eating, headaches off and on, gas is very frequent, the bloating when I eat, or not eat, constipation and normal stools, pain that never seems to stop, out of breath because of the bloating, any suggestions, I see a doctor on the 20th, help


I had that exact same thing last year, I got so bad I was throwing up everyday and I was soexhausted I was like a zombie. I went to so many doctors and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and I finally went to a naturopath who tested me for food intolerences. Turned out I'm intolent to 8 things! No wonder I was feeling so sick. I'd get a blood test run for your intolorences, usually bloating and gas is dairy and the burning and nausea is gluten.