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Hi, so basicly i'm 15 and about 5-6 months ago i had an abortion when i was nearly 12 weeks (3months). i'm finding everything so hard to cope with and i'm dieing for some help, every day i think about the horrilbe thing i've done, i makes me feel sick to my stomach. I've always been against abortion and i never thought i'd get pregnant at such a young age, but it just happened... and i couldn't keep the baby due to one my age and two i didn't want to ruien my boyfriends life as he's already making such a sucess of himself. Me and my boyfriend broke up 2 weeks after we found out i was pregnant and later discover i was very unlucky as i got pregnant on my first time. me and my boyfriend have recently decided we want to get back together as i'm feeling alot better.. but i need to know weather he's using me or just misses me, i feel he's the only who will EVER understand me now as i still have days where i completely brake down, and i don't feel like i'll find someone else, you know being damage goods and all. someone pleaaaseee help me!!! :'( :-)


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hey rose,


im TERRIBLY sorry to hear about your abortion. we all do things we regret and unfortunatly we can not change some of the mistakes we have made. the important thing is to learn from our mistakes and know that God forgives us if we ask. he can help heal the pain that can be so deep. accidents happen and when they do we have to nbe prepared to deal with them. as for your boyfriend. first he is NOT the onlyone who understands you and seconnd i would be leary about giving him another chance.  everyone deserves a second chance but i think you guys should talk about why he wants to get back with you  as he was very quick to run away when things got bad. if he ran away then why would things be different this time?  do you understand what im trying to say?

anyways just please try your best to stay positive and thing good thoughts about yourself. tomorrow is another day and things can only get better. you will find happyness again but you need to be able to forgive yourself and move forward.

i hope this helps some and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns :)