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Crossfit jump Rope is the best way to lose weight and for health. just 15-20 min exercise helps to loss weight. Just 10 mins of jump roping can provide the same calorie burn as 30 mins of slow cardio.

We use crossfit jump rope as a:-

* Best Jump Rope for Beginners,

* Crossfit WOD's,

* Mastering Double Unders,

* MMA Training,

* Boxing,

* Bodybuilding,

* Personal Training Equipment


That sounds great for an extra exercise for a person who wants to get fit.  It seems that many people who do this will tire after 2-3 minutes; I know I would!  Would you advise a certain type of surface area for a person with bad knees or other leg issues who would like to jump rope for the calorie burn?  Are there special kinds of shoes a person should be wearing that would help protect their feet and offer the best support?  I can see how jump roping would benefit boxers and other athletes.  How should beginners start on a jump rope routine to minimize injury?