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I would like to give a history regarding my health to give u a better idea on where I need help

Firstly about myself
- Im 16 years old
- I got no fat on my arms, its thin and does not show any muscle when tightened to put it in a way, but its like any normal arm
- I am thin and dont have a stomach exactly, but I do have some fat and have no abs
- I am around 5'6 height
- My Haemoglobin count was low and Im sure is low still
- I really want to become stronger and have a better body that is stable

Hello, well to give an introduction to myself regarding my physical health, I used to basically go to school come home and use the computer and sometimes study (if forced) almost every day, so u can say that I am a geek which I am. Anyways I never did any sports except swimming, and I only did swimming for fitness as in just taking a light swim each day for about one hour. The other thing about me is that I basically HATE eating food and I often not eat breakfast properly or skip one meal a day or sometimes even skip two meals per day, and when I mean that I dont like to eat food, about 4 years ago after a blood test my Haemoglobin count was a bit below par it seemed and in another blood test before that it was the same and I dont think it has changed.

So basically I was a guy that
- barely had exercise for sometime and then stopped swimming and had no exercise at all
- hates eating food and eats little
- eats junk food in replacement for hunger due to lack of meals (this is only sometimes though)

Well anyways I also had a bad phsyological mind to say, I used to be insecure to interact with people and such about one year a back and since when I took the initiative to interact with people things slowly changed (very slowly) but this is only more from a phsycological point and Im still pretty insecure and not exactly the confident type of guy. So now I am going for basketball practices with our Uni/College basketball team, they basically have more matches than practice to gain through experience and doing less drills or sometimes no drills (you could call it getting practice through experience). So when I started playing with them there were many players, all of them were fast and strong and I naturally tended to get away from them due to the fear of being pushed and all, I knew my body wasnt hard enough for basketball then. So what I wanted to do was exercise and make my body stronger. Unfortunately I have no experience of exercise before nor going to the gym ever (as I remember). So I tried out some random exercises and noticed that I couldnt do even 1 pushup on my feet (yes, thats right =/). After that I did some googling and research and found out some exercises for me.

These were -
2)Side Plank
3)Bird Dog
4)And some exercise to enhance ur gluttons
5)Some basic jump roping done (not a rubber jump rope, a roped one but it works pretty well like a normal jump rope, probably a jump rope not meant for exercises)

Well I did manage to do them but well I didnt feel satisfied or anything, and didnt know how to progress further after doign these a while. Also I only had one day of these exercises

I was however able to do knee pushups but I didnt do much as I was tired from the previous exercises I did.

Anyways as the story continues, I also need to eat alot if I want to get my fitness up. I have no idea on what to eat or how to eat or even when to eat whatever I have to eat.

Again coming back to the training, I have some basketball practices during the weekdays, these days are not fixed, it can be from one basketball practice per every week(weekday) to four practices. These are all in the evenings though from 4.30PM onwards till about 7PM maximum. (You could leave this factor out though)

Anyways I want to exercise and I saw that some exercises required equipment such as a Medicine Ball or Dumbells. Whereas I want to exercise and workout in my home, I dont want to ask my parents to buy these things for me cos well I find it very embarrassing. I also dont want to go to the gym for a similar reason, all those big guys and some puny guy here waiting. Well I know u guys will suggest me to go to the gym or get equipment btut for now I would like to avoid equipment (except the jump rope since I already have one).

Well to make this fitness idea thingy program have a goal and a good one I set myself to be able to dunk a basketball and be able to play basketball with a steady body.

The Dunking part mainly, as it requires me to train my legs and my core to be able to jump properly and maintain control. To do this I will need to train my legs, and even before that I need to be able to do various exercises which would require me to train my core (perhaps work on trying and getting 6 pacs?).

Well I want you guys to help me develop some kind of exercise program which would actually work and suit me. like 10 planks, etc....
And also to know what kind of food to eat so that I can get my strength up while actually eating the right food and not eating alot of food that doesent help (Forcing myself to eat half of the time probably). I really need help on this as I have no idea on how to form a training schedule for me thats at home and does not equire equipment (other than the jump rope). Also anyways I really want to build a harder body (not a body builder exactly, but just hardening it) I do not mind results coming slowly (well not like one month for some very small result XD) but as long as they come. I hope you guys help me devise some sort of scheme that I could work with.

Thanks in advance,



I think that would help add a huge boost to your exercise would be protein shakes if you haven't done it yet. I think it worked pretty well for me gaining muscle and you didn't mention anything of it. Let me know, okay?