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I have found that if u get a handful of salt and put a little bit of water on it and rub it into your skin it stops the itching from dermatitus


Hi! What kind of dermatitis do you suffer from? Tell me, does this technique also get rid of the rash or just the itching? I mean, just itching would do as well….i was just wondering.

My daughter suffers from dermatitis and I want to help her when she has outbreaks on skin but I am afraid to do something that might harm her. Are you sure that the salt won’t cause any severe reactions or skin irritation? Sometimes she has open sores and I am afraid that salt may do her more harm than good.

Have you tried it yourself? We have been using different creams, topical steroids but sometimes they don’t help. Can you tell me where you learned about this combo (salt&water)? Thank you