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Hi, I’m 22 years old girl with diagnose of pitaryasis rosea. I’ve noticed skin rush on my arms and breasts last week and as it has persisted I visited doctor. He told me that pitaryasis shouldn’t be treated. He gave me no medications. Is that so? It looks bad and is itchy. Do you have any advice?


You shouldn’t be worried about pitaryasis. It’s going to last from 6 to 12 weeks. I had pityriasis last autumn and it persisted 10 weeks. But it really doesn’t require treatment. I took some oral otc antihistamines because of itching. Pityriasis leaves no scars; your skin is going to have its normal appearance soon.


Hi... I was also diagnosed with this skin disease... I work outdoors and thought they were mosquito bites... but the condition has gotten worse. Visited with my dermentologist and he prescribed a cream... The cream helps relieve the itch but not for long.

I have also been told:

they do not know the cause,
they do not have a cure,
it will get worse before it gets better,
they mainly come out around neck & trunk of body,
it is not contagious,
it last for up to 8 weeks or less.
& sun helps it go away.

If anyone else has information on this. please add your notes.
Thank you...