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I need to know if dairy can effect pityriasis rosea please get back to me a.s.a.p thank you.


Hi! I don’t know if there are any scientific proves but according to some Indian medicine sources there are foods that can aggravate rosea.
The theory behind this is that our body react to these foods and that organs that are supposed to do the elimination work become overtaxed and skin gets irritated and produces patches.

Yes, milk and dairy products fall into this group as well. It is advised that these products are replaced with almond, oat or rice milk. Besides dairy products, you may want to know about other foods that are thought of contributing to the skin overload. You can eat almonds and walnuts but all other nuts especially peanuts should be avoided.

Meat, fish and eggs also fall into the group especially if they are fried. Avoid frying, and microwave, as microwave kills all the healthy sources from food.

What is left then, you may ask? Fresh fruits, salads, cooked fresh foods. Virgin oil is good, cut down on salt. Grain foods are also advisable, lots of plain water, and avoid refined sugar, potato chips, pop corn, white flour.

I am not sure, if these theories are accepted in western medicine because western medicine reports that it is not known what causes PR, they think it is virus.

Has your condition been aggravated with some of the diary products?