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hi there.

I have a question about female orgasm.

I am 21 years old and I've only had two sexual partners in my life. I started having sex at the age of 20. It took me a lot of months to have or feel like I actually have an orgasm. My previous boyfriend/partner was quite selfish. I was never satisfied then and during the course of our relationship, I only had one orgasm. He'll just go about for a few minutes, withdraw and that's it. Even if I'm not yet done. I was also very open to him that I was not satisfied. 

Now, with my new boyfriend/partner, he was really, for the lack of better word, good. He orgasms immediately at first and then the second one can stand for almost an hour. Everytime we do it, I always ejaculate (if that's the right word for it.) here's a description:

We do it for quite a while, and then after a few minutes, there's this tightness, i push it hard, holding my breath sometimes and after that, liquid come gushing our of my vagina. it's a clear liquid. he often tells me that I peed again.

I've been reading some stuff too about orgasm and the description is quite different from mine. the usualy have single orgasm only. For me, after a few tries, it comes gushing out again. i do feel the weak knees and shortness of breath though. After that, because he was quite not done yet, he goes again. Sometimes, I get dry before he finishes. He still goes with it and it come gushing out again.

Am I really having an orgasm?

I'm still not sure if I am.


Hi Chenjoon,

Congratulations! You are experiencing the female version of an ejaculation or commonly called squirting.  Whats nice is that, unlike most men who typically can only come once, you can have multiple ejaculations.  My GFs have told me that it is THE ULTIMATE ORGASM.  For me when I ejaculate, I also get weak in the knees, shortness of breath and even dizzy or my mind feels numb (probably due to the lack of blood flow, lol ).  These are very similar feelings that you are having.

Women can have five different orgasms: cilitoral, vaginal, g-spot, a-spot, and ejaculation.  The truely most satisfying over-the-top sensation would be multiple back-to-back orgasms that are one or more of these in succession.  This is possible with the right man who knows the importance of long teasing foreplay and then able to sustain periods of rhythmic motion, i.e. 10-15 mins of uninterrupted intercourse.

And its not pee.  Tell your BF to taste it, and he will find its not pee. Though the first or early portion of the ejaculate can smell like pee, its because the liquid comes from the same opening that you pee. 


To answer your question, You are having a real orgasm.



wow. that's nice. I really do have back-to-back orgasms. Because after the first squirt, he's still not done and goes on with. With him, I can have more than five squirts before he cums. after a few minutes, he rests for a while and starts again and still, i squirt five or more times before he cums.

Thanks for that answer. ^_^