I've heard of women who 'squirt' of course. And they seem to expel a lot of clear fluid- so it can't be ejaculate alone, it has to contain pee. I get that. 

But my problem is that I push out very dilute urine when my G spot is stimulated, and this is UNACCOMPANIED BY AN ORGASM. This most often occurs during fingering, not sex, because the pressure on the G spot is more direct that way. 

I get my orgasms via the clitoris and they are quite strong and very satisfactory. But the "squirting" is just a nuisance and gives me a warm tingling feeling at most. It is much too subtle to be called pleasurable.

I'm worried I have urinary incontinence. Also, if I reduce the pressure applied on the area or stop for a while, can I get off without peeing? Please help!