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Hi everyone. :) 

I recently bought Ab circle pro. It has already been used but to me it seems totally new. The girl who used it said she used it only a couple of times and she sold it to me for a very reasonable price.

I was very happy with my purchase until my brother came and started talking about Ab circle’s bad sides. He said it is probably going to be a waste of money. He even mentioned some charges supposedly made against the marketers of Ab Circle pro.

Do you happen to know anything about those charges he is mentioning?


I heard of that!

 I don’t know anything about it though.

Just the other day at work, while we were on a break, we started chatting about weight ( no wonder this topic came up, only one of the colleagues is decently shaped, the rest of us are like balloons) and then this new girl mentioned she is working out regularly with her Ab circle pro. She said she is having some problems with it. Then somebody told her that she should have known better when she was buying it since it is very familiar that it is bad for knees, spine etc. And then she mentioned those charges made by FTC against marketers of Ab circle pro but I couldn’t hear what’s that all about.  



Yes, I know a little something about it.

You know those commercials for Ab circle pro that we all watched on television? They were very popular in 2009 and 2010, you couldn’t turn on the TV without running into them.

Well if you remember, those commercials were saying to us that it is our choice if we are going to take harder way to lose weight or the easier way. And that easier way was 3 minutes of working out with Ab circle pro daily.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission made a charge against the marketers of Ab circle pro for false marketing since it is impossible to lose any weight by working out for 3 minutes on Ab circle pro.



Yes. That is true. It was very stupid of them if you ask me. And is there even one person who would believe that you can lose weight with 3 minutes daily on Ab circle pro? I mean, common. It’s ridiculous.

They have been charged for false marketing and they had to pay between 15 and 25 millions in refunds for sales.

And this was actually a settlement between them and the Federal Trade Comission. They could have ended up paying more for these false claims.

I hope this will be a good lesson for those other marketers of weight loss products out there.