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Most of my ex boyfriends are very good friends now! What are everybody's else's experiences? To be honest, those were never serious, in depth relationships, maybe this is why friendships are possible?

My friend who had a few serious (long lasting) relationships doesn't keep in contact with any of them.

I talk to my exes about anything and I actually like it that way. What about you?


I have had 3 boyfriends. 1st we were friends until I got my 2nd boyfriend. The 2nd boyfriend was a disaster and lets just say that he is afraid of me. We are in don't approach me, don't talk to me, I don't want to see you status. The 3rd one we decided to be friends but since I didn't tolerate the fact that he treated me like a girlfriend even though he dumped me, we ended up not talking. I don't think is impossible to stay friends with an ex, is not a bad thing but the two people have to be mature enough to understand what that means.