German court ordered a doctor to pay financial support because the contraceptive patch he inserted into a woman’s arm failed to protect her from getting pregnant. The patch was supposed to protect against conception for the next three years but the implant could not be found in the woman's body six months after.

The highest judicial court ruled that this gynecologist has to pay 600euros ($400) each month for the child’s support until he reaches 18.

The future parents of the child are no longer together and the conception occurred 6 months after these two young people got together. One of the reasons such decision was made was due to the facts that the woman had recently qualified as a teacher, had to give up her new job to care for her child.
This courts decision has raised a lot of noise in the public and has met with disapproval in the German press. They are worried for the child’s own being who will forever wear a tag that he was born by mistake.
Gynecologists all over Germany are worried now that such ruling could raise more lawsuits against them.