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Yesterday, I bought a „Eat to Live“ book by Dr Fuhrman.  It is a big book, where you can find all recipes that you need.

There is one thing that you need to know – don't avoid breakfast, and avoid making breakfast mistakes!

You might need to consider to start thinking what you eat, or drink for your breakfast (coffee).

In this book I found some interesting facts and recipes. But still, not enough breakfast recipes.  There you have a grocery  list, but I am not sure how to combine them all.

So, I need some healthy ideas for breakfast.

Do you follow Dr Fuhrman's diet?


Hello guys,

a few years ago I took that book from my cousin, just to see is there anything smart that I can read. Dr Fuhrman is a great , he can help you to lose weight naturally, prevent heart disease and learn so many new things.

I already have some recipes for breakfast, but I also need more ideas.

I prefer some fruit smoothies as breakfast recipes in this diet. They contain a lot of flaxseeds, omega 3 and protein. Sometimes, I use protein powder in this recipe. Dr Fuhrman didn't write that, but I do that sometimes.

Any other breakfast ideas?




the main goal of this diet is to eat more nutritious foods. If you are doing that 95% of the time, you are doing it well.

But, I don't think that a protein powder is acceptable in breakfast.

This is menu that fits with Dr Fuhrman guide. He suggested a few fruit ideas for a delicious breakfast.

  • 3-4 pieces of fresh fruit. You can add some fat-free yogurt or maybe soy milk to your fruits. Tip – don't eat fruit – yogurt, because it contains sugar.
  • You can eat oatmeal with water.
  • Smoothies are also an amazing thing for breakfast.
  • You can eat some vegetable omelet.

Delicious and healthy!