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Hello. I'm 19 years old. I have really bad eczema mostly around my mouth and smaller parts under my eyes. My GP prescribed me a moisturizer and that's the only face skin care product I use. However, due to eczema I look a lot older, with wrinkles and dry skin. I'd like to start using makeup, but I'm worried that it could make my eczema worse. Can anyone tell me should I wear makeup and what products can I use? Thanks


Hi hun. Of course you can wear a makeup. Just try to avoid liquid foundations and stick to water based foundations or powder foundations, probably with the mineral pigments. They will help you even the uneven skin tones and your skin will look brighter. Also, pay attention to products advertised as hypoallergenic or products that use natural ingredients. That doesn't mean these products won't irritate your skin. Also, avoid anything perfumed and of course try to not buy too cheap. Hope this helps.