I am a 24 year old woman who has battled Endometriosis. I am fortunate enough to have a 20 month old daughter.
Prior to conceving her I had a laporoscopie (in through the belly button) and lazer treatment.
3 months later I was pregnant! We had 17 hours of hard labour and then an emergency c-section.. To much scar tissue would not dialate.
My concern now is that I have had 2 confirmed miscarriages and am now pregnant again.. I am about 4weeks along and still have serious pain, just like the cremps I get from the Endo... I was told last time that Endo goes to sleep during pregnancy.. Is this true? how long does it take to go to sleep and if so why do I have these cramps now??
P.s there should really be a spell check field here! lol Thanks for your time!![/enc]