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Ex anorexic and still no period can I get pregnant? I was diagnosed with anorexia 7 years ago and still til now didn't get my period back naturally without taking duphaston pills. I did lots of tests to check my ovulation and eggs and all I got is normal and the Dr. told me that I don't have my period back because I am so skinny. I am 155cm and 39kg. I am so worried of not being able to get pregnant since I don't have my period. Can anyone help me or tell me her experience.


Hi sgc, 

I'm afraid what your doctor told you is right: since you are still so underweight, your periods can't return naturally - you'll need to gain more weight before that happens and you reach at least the normal category (if you look by BMI index). Giving the fact that you had tests done that show you still ovulate, what you'll need is a further progress in your fight against anorexia. You will need to gain more weight.

What is also a major problem, even if you do get pregnant, being underweight might put your baby under risk since your body might be too fragile to handle all the major changes that pregnancy brings. The situation is not hopeless at all - the most important thing is that you are ovulating, but it might take a while still untill you recover fully so you start menstruating and hopefully, carry your pregnancy sucessfully.