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I got a woman pregnant last year I was very much in love with her. I wanted to marry her. I wanted her to be my wife. In the end, she wanted a fling and get away from a former husband. My child was 6-7 weeks old when she aborted it. The ex gf lied and said she miscarried. She takes her mother to planned parenthood when she aborted and they both covered it up. She said she was willing to have a child but she lied. I feel angry. I feel helpless because the law did not protect my child from its own Mother. I have no rights under the law. I am seeking post abortion counseling. I know I need to be able to forgive her. I am to angry and hurt.

Ladies whatever your true reason is to abort, I would encourage you not to. Go to your parents, siblings, community professionals, the church. I was against abortion before this terrible loss and this continues to reaffirm my advocacy against it.

I grieve daily. I am angry every day at her. Someone I had loved violated me and used me. Ladies there are men who understand and relate to your loss.

In Grief,

C.B. :'(


in the name of god i agree with you 100% women who do abortion are pure evil and sin against god by destroying there unborn is murder imo i can relate 2 ya story i had an ex who said she never got pregnant but she aborted it only to find out from her mum

i grieve everyday i also find it hard to forgive such act!