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i think i have a few things going on possibly
(of course-figures with me)

i had tooth surgery over 2 weeks qgo
had 2 teeth removed one was a wisdon
had to remove some pieces of the bone out of my jawbone
this happened on the bottom and belive me i dont much feel that pain due to the other pain taking over it!!!!!!

i swear i felt my jaw go in 2 directions and the cracking
at first i thought ok its the wisdom tooth he has it it is done
NOPE not even close

that night it started a couple of hours after i got home
i was eating my pain meds (have ms)i already have with oxycodones every 2 HOURS!!
no relief at all

i do have tmj but i have a hard time beleiving this is related. my dentist seems to think the same. no way shoul;d be in this much pain with tmj
i agree.
had it for years

the pain in my temple i swear its been over 2 weeks now and i swear it is fractured! i have been eating two narcotics 1 is added and 600 mills of motrin and NO RELIEF!every 4 hours and still excrutiating pain

875 mills of anntibiotic 2x a day for sinus infection that i swear i dont think i have but its been 10 days of taking that and hey what do i know??
its only my body!

i DO feel like i have a concussion only i did not hit my head on anything other than my pillow at night when i sleep. it seems i will think the pain is gone and wham it hits me again. i can not even think to touch my cheek (top corner by my temple), temple or my head (around my ear top front) and my eye socket (bottom and actual eyeball) the pain is excruciating.
the pain is excrutiating
the pain is excrutiating

i cant lay down on either side the presuure feels like my temple is going to burst i can lay straight with a bit of a prop of a pillow and sometimes straight up but then its back down again

the best part is all of the other areas its affecting around my head. (sarcasm)

i have something that is the size of a sunflower seed in ffromt of my ear on my jawline that is sliding up down my earline and in and under my jawline...wth???

my top two back teeth feel like they do not fit in my mouth . extremely tender painful but not red around the gums looks normal. and it comes and goes not a big deal really next to the other pain!

my eye hurts to blink and move it
like the muscle is tight and a shooting pain thru it

the ear every once in awhile feels like a stick is in it, hearing ringing, losing my hearing
the tip of my cheekbone towards my temple feels like someone smashed it in

the gland?? under my jawline and ear is as hard as a rock and almost 2x the size as the other side

oh the 2nd best part???? besides the pain>??
the pain ? it moves around.
yes im now sounding crazy
it switches up and moves to other parts in and around my head and face on the same side
of course there is the creaking cracking snapping sounds above my ear like my temple skull aerea
first b4 it changes.
its almost like im cracked and the pressure puts it together then takes it apart

going to the drs today
this will be the 9th day out of the last 15 days
u think someone will finally do a ct scan??
i am going to get it!!!

sick of going back
and sick of laying on my back!!!!!!

mri scheduling that also
(already having that done for m.s. (mri's to watch progression: lesions: etc)
so perhaps it will catch something if there is anythnig serious like a clot or something scarey swelling causing pressure ??????)

anyone? anything?
im scared and becoming paranoid
i hate this
i need to get my life back!!

i will post back with my results as well


If your dentist says it's not likely, that may be liability paranoia. TMJ damage can cause excruciating pain in many different places, not just in the joint. Make sure they capture images of the joint and jaw during the MRI. Many doctors, dentists, and especially insurance companies run screaming the other way when they hear "TMJ." Fight for your right to pain relief and adequate diagnostic tests.


I had my wisdom teeth out in April. No pain / swelling right after. However, shortly there after, I started getting excrutiating stabbing pain in my right temple. They gave me more pain killers, which had no effect. Muscle relaxers seemed to make it a bit better. This went on for a couple of weeks. I was completely losing it, it hurt so badly. I too had mild TMJ, and it is now significantly worse.

I went back to the oral surgeon, he said he cut the musle in my jaw so he could remove my right side wisdom teeth, my mouth is small. He said I was experiencing muscle spasms, thus the ...he said to come back in a week.

I went to this guy who does massages, acupuncture/acupressure. He usually 'fixes' my headaches, so I had faith. I showed him where I was having pain, and he worked on me for an hour. He rubbed a lot of spots on my face and skull, as well as my body. I felt immediate relief and have had no pain issue since.

It's worth a try, I thought for sure I would have to kill myself if this pain continued forever :-)

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