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I have had extream drying/cracking of the lips for over a year now.
I did get cold sores ocasionally but they went away but this is different and very painfull. I have tried all different lip balms medicated and atiseptic. My lips swell when really bad and are very red. help

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Hey, I went to a dermatologist in March this year, and I found out I was quite allergic to many products that may cause the skin to react. These are products we consume everyday in our daily life, such as dairy and wheat products, beef, egg, and other external factors such as grass, dustmites & mould etc. Such other factors is the use of organic products of creams, lipbalms & ointments. I advise anyone who have sensitive skin to stay away from such products as it can inflame your skin.

The dermatologist also prescribed me a cream called 'DermAid 1%', in which I apply on the skin around my mouth that tends to firstly feels thin, afterwards gets red and swollen and then really itchy. This then results in the skin around mouth to become dry, flaky, cracked & sensitive to touch. This goes on for about 1 week then it heals and gets fine for 3 days then the cycle repeats itself. I apply a small amount of this cream for 3 days then stop for 3 days and apply it again if it did not heal.

I hope this helps, and if not you should to go to a dermatologist :)