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Please note that I am writing regarding my mother. Her problem is that she feels that she has bugs in her skin that are constantly causing her to itch. It is driving her to distraction as it never goes away. When she has taken samples to Doctors, they have said that their are plastic fibers in the sample and black spots (similar to Morgellons disease) but doctors always say that it is simply Dementia. My mother is at an older age; however, she is extremely sharp minded and she still plays golf every day, while carrying her clubs and walking the 18 holes., although the problem is getting so bad that she is playing a lot less. She has had this problem for about 8 years. Doctors say it is not bug related.
Is there anything that you can suggest to assist my mother with this
problem that is truly destroying her total quality of life.
My family and I would appreciate any help that you can give us at this
time, as we do not know how we can help our mother at this point.
We are all convinced that it is not caused by dementia.
We have tried 'Oleader 6C' and a mexican medicine Nutri-Biotic product (or GSE - Grapefruit Seed Extract).
It is also known as: CITRICIDAL® which is used for treating parasites. The Mexican version is apparently far better than the American version.
All suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!




Golly, no replies to this and it's near the end of the year.

My sympathies to you, your mom, and your family. In order to help her, a responsible family member must eventually make and attend all doctor appointments with your mom. Her age wasn't mentioned, so maybe this diagnosed dementia is something she can recover from, as opposed to its being senile dementia. (BTW, nobody that wasn't in my elderly mother's presence 24/7 thought that she had dementia, either. Such patients can cover, compensate, and have periods where they're just as lucid as anyone the beginning.)

But anyway...

There is a wide assortment of underlying physical (and mental) conditions that can cause bug infestation ideas in people (delusional parasitosis) and those underlying conditions need to be treated for such thoughts to go away.

I repeat: those underlying conditions need to be treated - PROPERLY - for such thoughts to go away.

Liver problems, kidney problems, thyroid problems, diabetes, anemia and other nutritional deficiencies, cancer, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, prescription drug side effects, are just a few of the physical causes that can have intense itching associated with them, along with the notion that bugs are responsible.

I can't imagine the difficulty involved, but playing along as if she really has parasites is only prolonging and complicating her real illness.

I know, first hand, how bad it is when we have to become responsible for our parents...God bless all of you and good luck.