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My boyfriend had to take antibiotics to kill an infection then get his tooth pulled 6 months ago. About 5 days later, he began what seemed like a sinus infection. The doctor gave him antibiotics and that did not work. He went back about a week ago and the docs think it is allergies. His back started to be in pain, he feels tingling in his arms, hands, shins and feet. A couple days ago his back locked up and he passed out. Since then he has been feeling tingling in hands, arms, feet, teeth and mouth. The ER said there is nothing wrong, yet he has been dealing with so much discomfort, and he is becoming unable to work at his restaurant job. Any one know if him passing out/back pain/sinus pressure can be? Could it be related?


Hello AylMac,

Your boyfriend may be having complications from the antibiotics he took for his tooth extraction.  It is possbile the infection from the tooth has passed into his system when it was pulled.  Possibly even before that but they may have given the wrong antibiotic.  He may have some form of a resistant strain causing all kinds of problems.  Tingling sensations in many parts of his body might indicate a nervous system dysfunction or infection.  It really sounds like there is something serious wrong.  ER's are not the best place to go to get a diagnosis.  You really need to see a doctor in private practice.