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Hi guys, I hope some of you can offer me some help and advice.

After discussing it for a long time, my boyfriend and I have decided to try anal sex. I have a million and one questions, but neither of us have done it before so we're both as confused as the other. I'm hoping someone on here can help me out a bit.

I know the basics: go slow, wear a condom, use lots of lubricant etc, so I don't need too much help there. I was wondering what the best position is for anal sex, especially for your first time?

Also, my biggest fear is that there will be mess afterwards. I've read that if you "go" beforehand then there won't be any mess but it is making me slightly paranoid about it. I've also heard some horror stories from friends that the smell during/after anal sex is horrible, can anyone shed some light on that? I know that you're going "up there" but I never thought it would smell, that thought never actually crossed my mind.

Any help and advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading :)


I usually eat pretty well anyway, and I'll definitely "go" before we try it, so hopefully there won't be any mess but I'll remember to put something down just in case my bad luck decides to ruin the moment.
Both of our beds have headboards, so I could try and use that to brace myself. I never thought of that, it sounds like a pretty good idea :) and thanks for the candles idea, I have a collection of candles and now I can finally put some of them to use!

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it :)